Save Nola Heritage presents a solution to protect and restored New Orleans’s historic landmarks, and create accountability for the Mayor and City Council Officials.  The plan would require any landmark removed after January 1, 2017 to be restored and returned to its original location.  Please do these 3 things:

1. Please Sign Our Ballot Petition promoting Policy

We need 10,000 signatures of Registered Voters in New Orleans to force the City Council to be more transparent, stop the removal of priceless monuments and transfer to undisclosed parties, and allow the citizens to vote on Amending the City Charter to prevent abuse.

There is no set date to obtain the 10,000 signatures. We are nearing 3,000 with momentum. Once the 10,000 are obtained the City Council can either adopt our Measure or put it to a City-Wide Vote.

In May, 2017 three merchants offered their businesses for walk-in signing or petition drop-off.  Parlay's on Harrison, Sterling Studio Framing on Magazine, and Moldaner's Digital Imagining.

Click here to Download our Petition to protect Monument of U.S. Military Veterans

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2. Please Watch our Videos


Save the Monuments, keep them free to tourists,  and use them to educate on the more then 30,000,000 who are victims to Modern Day slavery worldwide.  New Orleans has a sex-trafficking/ human slavery problem that needs awareness and solutions.

The Monuments in New Orleans that were targeted are to Lee, Beauregard, Davis, who are to Progressive Americans that provided a path to ending slavery in the 1800s by: Awareness, Education, Policy, Empowerment, and Voting Rights.

These are the most valuable pieces of public art in the city.

However monuments of lesser value to Jim Crow era Segregationists, such as Mayor Chep Morrison were omitted from the Mayor's removal list.  Why?  Is it of no value to the "anonymous" donor?

For the last few years the City of New Orleans has been expanding a bikepath dedicated to Slave Pirate and Trader Jean Lafitte. Lafitte would sail to Haiti and capture slaves and sell them in New Orleans.  His bikepath connected the Jefferson Davis and PGT Beauregard Monuments which were removed.  Oddly enough about 200 people stood on the Lafitte Bike Path cheering the removal of Equal Rights advocate PGT Beauregard.   Davis was known for adopting Jim Limber, an abused black child during the War for Southern Independence.

Our Concerns

The Mayor of Harrisburg, PA was convicted in January 2017 of stealing $30 Million in art from the City to open a Wild West Museum.  In April, The City Council of Charlottesville, VA voted 3-2 to sell its Robert E. Lee monument.

We are concerned that Mayors & Council Members of New Orleans will use Restrictive Bid Processes to transfer priceless art / monuments to their friends and donors, claiming those museums are the best use.

During the current monument process there have been many violations of standard meeting procedures in the council meetings, to approve this flawed process to remove priceless art and transfer to others.

Rumors persist that the "anonymous donor" funding the removal wants the monuments for himself or his Commercial Museum which will benefit nearby merchants and landowners. Who are those people, are they connected to the Mayor or council?

Please help us amend the City Charter to require transparency and prevent special deals on City of New Orleans' artifacts.

President Ike hung a portrait of Lee in the Oval Office
Robert E Lee wrote in 1856: "Slavery is a Political & Moral


Stephen Reed
Stephen Reed

3. Please Donate to our Non-Profit promoting Empowerment and producing the Videos

Help us promote awareness via production of a documentary.   Be listed in the credits if you desire.

Click here to donate to the Non-Profit funding videos on the Monuments & Modern Day Slavery Awareness:

This non-profit is set up through the Community Foundation, all donations to date have gone to cover direct expenses of producing the videos and media distribution.  This non-profit has a 3.8 out of 4 stars.

Utilizing Monuments for Education of, Awareness of, and Solutions to Modern Day Slavery

Lee overlooks the French Quarter and stated: "Slavery is a Moral and Political Evil" in 1856. Let's place a marker with those words next to his monument and support the rescuers of these girls and others worldwide.
Today 45,000,000 in slavery compared to 25,000,000 in 1860

Slavery has increased in the countries that supplied slaves during the 1700-1800s.

In April 2017, the United Nations reported that slave auctions are happening in public places in Sabha, Libya

Today slavery claiming the sanction of Islam is documented presently in the predominantly Islamic countries of Chad, Mauritania, Niger, Mali, and Sudan

Robert E. Lee in 1856: "Slavery is a Moral and Political Evil..."

Robert E Lee's birthday is in January the same month as Human Trafficking and Sex-Slavery Awareness Month. More than 200 girls under 18 are rescued each year from sex trafficking in the French Quarter.  In the US the total is estimated at 60,000 in Modern Day Slavery.

An Informative Marker with those words next to his monument would support the rescuers of these girls and others working to reduce slavery worldwide.

Lee's Fighting Tigers from Louisiana were honored by LSU as the choice for their mascot after the Civil War
Lee's Fighting Tigers from Louisiana were honored by LSU as the choice for their mascot after the Civil War

Twelve thousand Louisianans fought under Lee, now 10,000 are needed to sign the petition to save the monuments and provide a tool for education to end Modern Day Slavery of these young women who have been trafficked.

British Author Charles Dickens in 1862 opinioned the issue of the Civil War was the 45% plus Tariffs the  North was placing on the South's trading partners which included Great Britain.  The Morrill Tariff of 1860 which just one many Tariffs since 1816 to subsidize  a high standard of living for the North at the expense of the South.


There was no "Lost Cause" as Mayor Landrieu likes to quote.  Once the South withdrew from the Union,  the North lost the Morrill  Tariff Revenue from the South, and the North was forced to implement Income and Property Taxes starting in 1861 to meet its debts. The Cause of Fair Taxation was achieved.  By 1915 the United States had permanently switched to these fairer methods of taxation.

However today, the North still benefits from taking a large share of the Gulf States Oil & Gas revenues at the expense of Louisiana's Coastal Erosion and Devastation.

The Monuments serve as education to the millions of visitors and tourists to New Orleans to learn about the causes of the war which did include slavery, state's rights, and proper taxation. The Monuments serve to educate on the leadership of these men to bring Awareness to the problem, install Policies to end the problem, and Empower the victims with job training to live lives as free men and women.